Chances are you have heard of the drug Xarelto. Like many drugs Xarelto has been extensively advertised on television. Xarelto is a prescription drug that’s main use is to prevent blood clots from forming. Doctors often prescribe Xarelto to people suffering from atrial fibrillation or who have recently had a hip or knee replacement surgery. Blood clots can be dangerous as they can cause a stroke. However, blood clots are also how your body prevents bleeding. As Xarelto prevents blood from clotting many of its side effects involve uncontrolled or severe bleeding. These side effects can range from the minor like bleeding gums and nose bleeds to the life threatening like coughing up or vomiting blood and internal GI bleeds. While many other anticoagulant medications like Eliquis, and Pradaxa have similar side effects Xarelto has caused more injuries and deaths. In 2016 alone anticoagulants were the leading cause of emergency room visits among prescription medications. Xarelto was the cause of 68% of those injuries and deaths. This is most likely due to the fact that Xarelto is the most popular and most prescribed anticoagulant in the United States. If you or a loved one took Xarelto and were injured call the attorneys of Zayed Law Offices at 855.726.1616. Our experienced attorneys know how to ensure you get justice.

Mass Torts

Xarelto has caused enough injuries that courts are allowing Plaintiffs to file what is known as a mass tort action. Courts allow Plaintiffs to file a mass tort action when a large number of people have been injured by a catastrophic event or faulty product.  Mass tort actions allow Plaintiffs to maintain their individual claims and have own trials while pooling investigative resources. This pooling of resources is great for Plaintiffs as each Plaintiff is not required to hire expensive experts. Plaintiffs can use the expert testimony of other Plaintiffs. This may sound like a small advantage, however when it comes to complex cases like medications or medical devices this could mean a significant savings of both time and money.

Asbestos is the largest mass tort in the history of the United States. Asbestos mass tort litigation began in earnest in the 60’s and 70’s is still going on today. While asbestos is far from the typical mass tort it is a great example of how mass torts can be used to help a large amount of people get justice from the makers of a defective or dangerous product.

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