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59 year old machinist crushed when a semi-truck rolled off hydraulic jacks because the parking brakes were not engaged.


42 year old mother sustained a torn rotator cuff when she was sideswiped by a defendant truck driver carrying 40,000 lbs. of bricks.


Our client suffered shoulder and ankle injuries when a teenage driver fell asleep at the wheel and crossed over the yellow line into oncoming traffic.


Our client sustained aggravation to pre-existing spinal stenosis after being rear ended on the Dan Ryan Expressway.

$475,000 SETTLEMENT​

Minor client suffered a knee injury on trampoline due to rocket bouncing requiring ACL reconstruction, medical and lateral meniscus repairs

$322,030.70 JUDGEMENT

Client was injured in an extremely complex pedestrian accident


Recovery made for estate of a talented young comedian who lost control of his vehicle while intoxicated.

$225,000 Settlement

Our client suffered a shoulder injury when he tripped over rusty tomato cages in the garage of a general contractor

$200,000 Settlement

57 year old mother suffered a fractured hip when she was t-boned by an intoxicated hit-and-run driver.


Our client tripped over a tablecloth at a municipal building and had been turned down by 3 other firms when she was finally referred to our firm.


Our client had a surgical tool left inside her body during an invasive surgery.


Our client was attacked and bitten by a dog while on her postal route.


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will county slip and fall accident lawyers

The world around us poses all kinds of innate hazards. As humans who walk upright, we confront problems with every single step. Even the simple act of getting out of bed can cause an accident. As people go about their daily lives, it’s easy to encounter obstacles in their path that can cause potentially serious problems. A single slip and the person may suffer serious injuries for the rest of their lives. In many instances, the responsibility for the fall lies with the person who fell. They failed to watch where they were going and bumped into a tree or they banged into a wall when getting out of their own bathroom. Such injuries are common. While people bear responsibility for such slips and falls, in other instances a specific individual or company may be in part to blame for the accident. In that case, it is vitally important for everyone involved to understand what legal consequences may exist for the action. Any injured party should know what remedies the law can offer them and how to make sure such a course of action is followed.

Leading Cause of Injury

According to the World Health Organization, slips and falls are actually quite serious. In fact, they are the second leading cause of unintentional or accidental deaths all over the world. In the United States, falls can lead to huge medical bills even the person who fell has good medical coverage. A single slip and fall case can lead to thousands of dollars in medical bills initially and even more costs over time if the injury was serious.

The elderly are particularly susceptible to this kind of injury. Roughly one in four people over the age of sixty-five will suffer a fall in any given year. A fall can lead the elderly person to be unable to function in their own home and make it impossible for them to stay there. They may need to move to a costly nursing home.

While the elderly are especially prone to falls, falls happen in all age groups. Falls are actually the most common cause non-fatal injuries for almost all ages. A fall can leave the home’s breadwinner unable to go to work for days or even months. If the breadwinner does not have enough accumulated sick days, it’s possible for his dependents to slide into poverty as the bills begin to pile up.

Determining Fault

In deciding if it possible to work with Will County slip and fall accident lawyers to figure out if the person has a case for compensation, the lawyer will consider multiple factors. The goal is to determine what happened, why it happened and who should be held responsible. It is also to make sure that an injured party gets all appropriate compensation for their injury if someone else was at fault.

Fault can take many forms. It’s possible for one party to be only partially at fault in the event of a slip and fall. For example, if someone slips on a wet floor, they may be partially at fault if they saw a well placed sign but walked along the surface anyway, they can be held in part at fault for not taking reasonable precautions. At the same time, a company can be held liable if they did not place the sign indicating the wet floor such a manner that it would be seen by the public with ease.

The same is true for private homeowners. When it snows, the homeowner is required by law to clear the sidewalks of ice and accumulating snow. The law gives the homeowner time to remove the snow. However, if they don’t remove the ice and snow in that time frame, they can be held liable for any resulting falls if someone walked on their property.

Compensation For a Fall

When people fall, they may break a bone, hurt their backs or even wind up with a traumatic brain injury. All of these issues can make it hard for the person to do their jobs or even get to work in the first place. The person may also have other issues as a result of the fall such as an inability to do things such as childcare and other household chores. In that case, the law recognizes these financial damages and offer the sufferer to have them heard in a court of law. A good lawyer can make sure all such laws are fully followed.

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