SUVs and pickup trucks are desirable vehicles for the many amenities they offer.  Unfortunately, these vehicles are also more likely to be involved in fatal rollover accidents compared to cars.  In fact, 3,964 people were killed in SUV and pickup rollover crashes throughout the United States in 2013, as compared to only 2,975 car rollover deaths. *

Why Do SUVs and Pickup Trucks Rollover?

SUVs and pickup trucks have a higher center of gravity to one side of the vehicle, therefore making the vehicle top-heavy and more prone to rolling in the event of a crash.  Furthermore, SUVs and pickup trucks trip more frequently than cars, usually from colliding with an obstacle in the road or the vehicle’s wheel rim striking the pavement.



Why Wear Safety Belts?

While this is a general rule that applies to all passengers in motor vehicles, safety belts assist in preventing passengers from being tossed around in the event of a crash.  Statistically, approximately 50% of rollover fatalities occur when people are ejected from the vehicle. **

Catastrophic Injuries in Rollover Crashes

In the event of a rollover crash, an SUV or pickup truck is usually crushed and the windows are broken.  That can leave passengers exposed to severe head and brain injuries, as well as spinal cord injuries.  Skull fractures and herniated discs are examples of common injuries one may experience in a rollover accident.

Zayed Law Offices Can Help

All motorists owe a duty of care to people lawfully on Illinois roads as well as the passengers in their vehicles.  When a motorist breaches that duty of care, he or she is liable for damages.  If you or a loved one has been injured or killed by a motorist in a rollover accident, contact our Chicago rollover accident attorneys today.  We help our clients obtain the compensation and the justice they deserve.



**Safety Belts: