rockford slip and fall accident lawyers

Accidents are a fact of life. Nearly everyone will have an accident of some kind. People can trip while climbing stairs. They can fall when walking down the block. In most cases, such injuries are not serious and do not lead to ongoing medical issues. At the same time, there are instances where a seemingly simple fall can lead to enormously serious problems. If someone falls and injures a part of their body, they may need medical help. Emergency room visits for a slip and fall problem are actually quite common. In fact, about twelve percent of all emergency room visits are because someone has tripped and fallen. That’s about a million people every single year. Roughly two thousand people every single day head to the ER because they have suffered a fall bad enough to warrant some form of medical attention.

Falls Can be Costly

A single slip and can be costly to treat. For example, if someone breaks a bone, they may spend hours having it treated. Worse still, the injury can have lasting effects that can take years to show up but still cause major problems. Over time, a physical injury of this kind can lead to potentially serious and debilitating medical conditions such as arthritis that can make it hard for the patient to resume normal daily activities. The patient who is contending with a slip and fall accident may find medical bills are piling up. Someone with a broken leg can find it hard to get to work and may even be in danger of loosing their job because of the injury.

Responsible Parties

In many instances, people fall because of something they did personally. A person may slip because they forgot to remove a child’s toy or they failed to clear a path to the garage after it snowed. In other instances, however, the slip and fall accident may have happened because someone else made a mistake. Under law, the person or company that was at least in part responsible for the fall can be held responsible for their actions. Making a case for this kind of legal issue means working closely with Rockford slip and fall accident lawyers. A slip and fall lawyer can help the client determine what happened and why. They can also help the patient figure out if they are entitled to financial assistance under varied state laws. This is why a consultation may be in order if something has happened to the client because another party was negligent.

A Company’s Responsibility

By law, company officials have certain responsibilities they must meet. This applies to ownership of property. Even on private property, the owners of the land must make sure that there are no impediments that can cause potential injury to anyone who enters the property. A person who is walking inside to do business must not face issues such as poorly maintained signs or a failure to warn about wet floors as they go from one place to the next. All walking surfaces must be maintained to certain standard in order to make sure that people are safe. If company officials did not do so, they can be held liable under law for many kinds of monetary damages the person experienced when entering the premises.

Private Property

The same is true for private property owners. Homeowners are required to meet certain specific standards when owning property. A homeowner must make sure all paths are cleared of snow and ice. They also need to make sure any sidewalks in front of their homes are kept in proper shape. If a guest comes to their door and slips and falls because ice or snow were not removed, the homeowner can be sued for failure to maintain the property in good shape in a way that would have prevented such an injury.

Bringing a Claim For Recovery

Illinois state laws allow people to bring a claim for help from the party that was at least in part responsible for this issue. Even if the person was primarily responsible for the injury in the first place, the court may rule that the other party bears at least some responsibility for the injury. The courts can hold the property owners responsible and force them to pay costs such as medical bills and lost wages for the claimant. Working closely with a slip and fall lawyer can help injured people get all appropriate financial compensation.