Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Should I talk to the police before hiring an attorney?
The police may ask for a statement after a car accident or other serious event. If you feel well enough to saying something, make sure to detail only the bare facts. Avoid unnecessary descriptions or long, rambling explanations. The more you include in the statement, the higher the risk for later contradiction or misinterpretation. It is likely after a serious event one is shaken up, in shock, or in an unstable mental state. If this is the case, know it is legal to give a statement at a later time. It is best to consult a lawyer before you make any statements.

Should I talk to the insurance company before hiring an attorney?
Communication with insurance companies should be even more restricted than with law enforcement. Do not go into any details about the case with your provider, or the other party’s insurance representative(s). Allow a trained Chicago injury attorney to handle these interactions as they are even more sensitive to misinterpretation and can undermine the case.

Should I talk to other individuals involved?
It is best to say as little to other parties as possible, especially since emotions are running high. Simple statements can suggest you are at fault, even when that is not the case. Never apologize to others or suggest you are feeling okay after a serious incident.

What evidence should I save?
If there is any chance of the scene being tampered with or altered (i.e. weather conditions, traffic, etc.), take as many pictures from as many angles as possible. If there were clothing, products, weapons, devices, or other items involved, try to save them as evidence. The best thing to do is to call a top personal injury lawyer immediately. They have the resources to contract a professional investigator before any evidence is compromised.

How much is the initial consultation?
The initial consultation should be absolutely free. A great personal injury lawyer will even be willing to meet on location or in the convenience of your home if preferred to make sure all questions are answered.

What are legal fees do you expect up front?
There should be no expenses or other fees expected up front.

Do I have to pay for any investigation costs up front?
All costs for the investigation of the case should be completely advanced by the law firm.

What do I owe if my case loses?
None of the expenses incurred during the case should be requested if it is not won.

Are you well connected to industry experts, medical professionals, and other resources
The attorney should make it a priority to maintain relationships with top experts in every field to ensure each case is built legitimately and with absolute accuracy. No matter what type of accident occurred or what injuries were sustained, they need have the proper resources at arm’s reach.

Are you able to file the lawsuit?
They need to go through all the necessary steps to file paperwork correctly and accurately so there are no opportunities for error after the proper case has been built.

Will you be able to take the case to court?
The same firm responsible for building the case should be prepared to take it to court and fight vigorously for your victory.

How do you make my case legitimate?
Each and every case is unique; however, there are some steps that need to be taken every time. The Chicago, IL personal injury lawyer should follow a strict process to strategically gather all evidence and paperwork required, consult experts to build the case, and handle all communication throughout the process. A high level of integrity should stay consistent from the initial consultation until the final verdict in the courtroom.

Can you find the best medical treatment available?
Your safety and wellness should be among the top priorities regarding the case. The firm needs to be able to leverage their networks to find the absolute best neurologists, surgeons, and other medical professionals required.

How do you stay current on new legislation and courtroom policies?
A personal injury attorney in Chicago, IL is challenged with ever-changing laws and regulations in the courtroom. It is important to make sure they have some process for keeping up to date on the state’s legal changes.

Are you able to handle high profile corporations or insurance companies in court
Helping you go up against organized money such as large corporations, insurance companies, and powerful groups that have significant leverage against ordinary people needs to be the attorney’s mission. He should provide the expertise and resources that level the playing field and give access to justice.