Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Chicago Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Illinois has hundreds of miles of paths dedicated to use by bicyclists and pedestrians. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, roughly 1,900 miles of the Illinois state highway system are suitable for biking. Over 120,000 miles of local roadways also give bike riders ample opportunity to ride.

Bicycling can be a fun and healthy recreational activity for people throughout Chicago and Illinois. Riding a bicycle, however, is not without its dangers. When a car crashes into a bicycle, the person riding the bike is susceptible to serious injury even at relatively low speeds. Also, injuries related to bike accidents can be very severe because bike riders do not have much protection from cars. Roughly one in eight reported bicycle accidents involve a brain injury.

Our Chicago bicycle accident lawyer and Downers Grove personal injury attorneys are experts in the laws that pertain to bicycle accidents. Our serious injury lawyers are driven by a desire to assist those who may be suffering injuries due to bike accidents throughout Illinois and the Chicago area. If you have a bicycle lawsuit accident claim, you will be well served by retaining the services of a bicycle accident attorney at Zayed Law Offices.

Accidents suffered while riding a bicycle can be severe and terrible, including:

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