Wheaton / Will County / Joliet Trucking Safety Violations

Trucking Safety Violations

Trucking safety laws are very strict, dictating specific rules involving everything from weight restrictions on a truck to the amount of hours that a driver can drive in a day. These rules are put in place to protect both the driver and other motorists on the road. If a driver violates the law and causes an accident, the driver and the trucking company may be held liable for the accident. If you have been involved in a serious trucking accident, we will represent your interests. At Zayed Law Offices, we represent people throughout the Chicago area who have been injured in truck accidents and other motor vehicle accidents. We are a respected and well-known law firm that offers quality legal representation and highly personalized attention to clients. Have questions? Read our Protecting Your Rights page for more information.

Trucking Industry And Violation Of Trucking Law

The trucking industry is governed not only by state law, but also federal law. The law gives truckers certain responsibilities, which they are required to take tests for. Trucking companies must also have their trucks go through regular maintenance checks. Truckers must keep logs of their journeys. These laws are designed to keep all drivers on the road safe. If any one of these rules is violated, there can be a greater risk of an accident.

We are knowledgeable of both state and federal trucking laws and will take immediate action in investigating the cause of the accident. We can quickly identify if truck safety violations caused the accident and will make certain that the driver is held accountable for his or her actions. We will work to recover the maximum amount of financial compensation on your behalf so you are able to start recovering from your injuries without having to focus on dealing with overwhelming medical bills.