Wheaton / Will County / Joliet Trucking Accident Investigations

Truck Accident Investigations

When distracted driving, truck driver fatigue or other negligent actions contribute to a serious accident, it is important that you have an experienced attorney representing your interests. When you work with an experienced truck accident lawyer at our Chicago law firm, you have the benefit of knowing that a highly skilled team will be working on your case at all times. At Zayed Law Offices we are known for our ability to handle complicated trucking accident claims. We offer professional, straightforward advice for those who are faced with serious injuries after an accident. Have questions? Read our Protecting Your Rights page for more information.

The Importance Of Truck Accident Investigations

Gathering evidence immediately after a truck accident is one of the most important aspects of a claim. The sooner we can get to work, the greater the likelihood that we reach the best possible outcome. We will investigate all aspects of your case, including information about evidence of the following:

Aggressive Representation For Injured Victims

Trucking companies have large insurance policies and aggressive defense attorneys representing their interests. Likewise, you need an equally aggressive lawyer handling your case. Given our vast experience handling truck and vehicle accidents, we have the resources necessary to build a strong case on your behalf. We work with medical experts, accident reconstructionists, engineers and other experts throughout the legal process. Attorney Adam Zayed knows how to strategically develop and leverage a case, while maintaining ethical standards and professionalism.