Toxic Substances & Asbestos Injuries

Toxic Torts

Wheaton / Will County / Joliet Toxic Exposure and Asbestos Injuries

Exposure to toxic substances, radiation or mold can cause serious illness, injury or even death. As an injured victim, you need the assistance of a team that can take an aggressive approach to investigating the cause of your accident and holding the appropriate parties liable for their negligence.

At the Zayed Law Offices, we are industry leaders in handling personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death cases and toxic tort litigation. You can count on our team to work aggressively on your behalf to secure the benefits and compensation that you deserve for your injuries. Have questions? Read our Protecting Your Rights page for more information.

Toxic Torts: Asbestos — Hazardous Materials — Mold

Our toxic tort attorney handles a vast range of cases, including ones involving:

  • Exposure to chemicals in the workplace
  • Cancer claims from toxic exposure
  • Brain tumor claims
  • Hazardous exposure in construction zones
  • Chemical explosion and fire claims

We Work With Top Medical Experts — Experienced Trial Lawyers On Your Side

At our firm, we have the experience and resources to obtain the compensation clients need and deserve. We maintain relationships with medical experts from top hospitals in the nation, which gives us the opportunity to seek the most advanced medical treatment for our clients. Our skilled team will help you get the immediate and long-term treatment necessary to recover from your accident.