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Whenever we purchase a product, whether it be a baby stroller or a car, we have an expectation that it is going to be safe. There are even safety laws that product manufacturers must comply with in order to sell their products. The Joliet product liability lawyers at Zayed Law Offices should be your first contact in the event of a product injury.

What happens when goods and services fail to meet legal standards and cause injury or even death? At Zayed Law Offices, we pursue justice on behalf of men, women and children who have been seriously injured by defective or dangerous products.

This firm also represents clients who have suffered a workplace injury as a result of unguarded machinery or other unsafe work conditions, including defective construction equipment.

Our principal attorney takes pride in knowing that he is not only helping individuals harmed through no fault of their own, but that he is also helping to stop future harm from bad products.

We Do What It Takes to Make Things Right

We are willing to do what it takes to investigate the events leading up to your accident. This means that we will hire the experts necessary to review product design, including engineers, designers, architects and contractors. We will track down witnesses and interview those whose testimony may have bearing in your case. In short, we will do everything possible to build a strong case to help you obtain the compensation for medical expenses as well as pain and suffering.