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Recent Verdicts & Settlements

59 year old machinist crushed when a semi-truck rolled off hydraulic jacks because the parking brakes were not engaged.


42 year old mother sustained a torn rotator cuff when she was sideswiped by a defendant truck driver carrying 40,000 lbs. of bricks.


Our client suffered shoulder and ankle injuries when a teenage driver fell asleep at the wheel and crossed over the yellow line into oncoming traffic.


Our client sustained aggravation to pre-existing spinal stenosis after being rear ended on the Dan Ryan Expressway.

$475,000 SETTLEMENT​

Minor client suffered a knee injury on trampoline due to rocket bouncing requiring ACL reconstruction, medical and lateral meniscus repairs

$322,030.70 JUDGEMENT

Client was injured in an extremely complex pedestrian accident


Recovery made for estate of a talented young comedian who lost control of his vehicle while intoxicated.

$225,000 Settlement

Our client suffered a shoulder injury when he tripped over rusty tomato cages in the garage of a general contractor

$200,000 Settlement

57 year old mother suffered a fractured hip when she was t-boned by an intoxicated hit-and-run driver.


Our client tripped over a tablecloth at a municipal building and had been turned down by 3 other firms when she was finally referred to our firm.


Our client had a surgical tool left inside her body during an invasive surgery.


Our client was attacked and bitten by a dog while on her postal route.


We pride ourselves on being responsive to every client’s needs. We understand the challenges faced after being in a serious accident and the importance of attorneys being there for you. At Zayed Law Offices, ensuring every client receives the attention they deserve is our top priority.

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Peotone Personal Injury Lawyers

If you and your family have suffered wrongful death or personal injury due to the negligence of others, it is critical that you immediately seek professional advice. In Illinois, the Law Offices of Adam J. Zayed, P.C. are the experts. Wrongful death or personal injury cases often involve insurance companies that are highly experienced in fighting legal battles and have skilled legal representation. Insurance companies are composed of basically good people, but their goals are not objective. The insurance company’s goal will be to pay you the smallest amount possible. Not every personal injury case requires an attorney, but whenever wrongful death or serious injury is involved, call the attorneys known for their aggressive pursuit of full and fair money damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost earnings, and any other financial costs incurred as a result of the accident. Call the Law Offices of Adam J. Zayed, P.C. Negligence, which causes injury, entails actions taken by others that fall short of meeting the required level of reasonable care required under the circumstances. Motor vehicle accidents, and falls, are two of the major culprits of wrongful death and personal injury caused by negligence.

1. Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle injuries are a leading cause of death among children, and the leading cause of death for American teens. In Illinois, the Law Offices of Adam J. Zayed, P.C., can help you get the compensation you need to help you get through the pain, suffering, and injuries, after a car or truck accident. The leading causes of motor vehicle accidents occur because of the following reasons:

• Drunk Driving

Alcohol is a component in 39% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents. Mothers against Drunk Driving (MADD) estimate there are over 300,000 occurrences of drunk driving every day. Individuals who drink and drive are behaving irresponsibly and dangerously. In most cases, accidents that occur from a drunk driver are completely preventable. Other drugs, such as marijuana or cocaine, are factors in approximately 18% of automobile driver deaths.

• Speeding

Speeding is a major culprit in motor vehicle collisions, and a factor in almost a third of all automobile accidents in the U.S. Speeding is more likely to occur with drivers who are under the age of thirty, and younger males are the most common offenders. The number of fatal accidents, involving excessive speed, declines proportionally increasing driver age.

• Distracted Driving

The number one cause of motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. is driver distraction. Distractions include anything that takes the driver’s focus away from driving, such as, talking on the phone, texting, eating, or reading. Anytime a driver takes their eyes of the road, their hands off the wheel, or the mind away from driving, the odds for an accident sharply increase. Statistics indicate that drivers who are engaged with hand-held devices are four times more apt to have an accident. Drivers who send texts while behind the wheel, are 23 times more at risk of getting into an accident.

• Driver Fatigue

Driving while exhausted is negligent. Peak times for fatigue related accidents are early morning hours and mid-afternoon, and fatigue has been shown to negatively impact vision, response time, and judgment.

• Careless and Reckless Driving

Careless driving occurs when a driver ignores the wellbeing of persons or property. Examples of careless driving include ignoring a stop sign, driving through a red light, or tailgating. Reckless driving is more serious and involves intent or the wanton disregard for the safety of others or property.

2. Hazardous Conditions

Any site where there is a potential for injury, such as broken stairs, or ice, are considered hazardous. Property owners of stores, office buildings, or restaurants, have a legal duty to make sure the premises are safe. Private homeowners are legally responsible to ascertain that their premises are reasonably safe or caution visitors about possible dangers.
Fall down accidents are often a result of hazardous conditions, and may result in serious injury to the spinal cord, or broken bones. The four types of fall accidents, include:

• A trip over unfamiliar object in walking route
• A stump-and-fall over a surface obstruction
• A step-and-fall when there is a hole, or unexpected depression, in the waking surface
• A slip, such as, across ice where the feet lose traction and cause a fall

Individuals who have suffered injuries from a fall, are frequently offered lowball settlement amounts from insurance companies. Another tactic from insurance carriers is to argue that the injured party was the cause of the accident, or that the injury is trivial.

If you and your family are suffering the injustice of a personal injury, or wrongful death, the Law Offices of Adam J. Zayed, P.C. can help you hold the negligent party accountable. There is no charge for a consultation, and the firm does not charge a fee unless they win your case.

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