The lawyers at the Adam Zayed Law Offices in New Lenox are highly skilled in pursuing personal injury cases and are ready to help you during your difficult time of stress and pain. We will help you deal with doctors and insurance companies and work issues and all the other complications that come from being injured in an accident in New Lenox or elsewhere. We know how stressful it is to be injured due to someone else’s negligence. Let us take care of you and know that we will get you the financial compensation you deserve. We fight zealously for our clients and have a very high rate of success. In fact, nearly 100 percent of our clients obtain fair compensation. We are available for a free consultation and urge you to contact us first before making statements to doctors, police or insurance companies. We want to work for you unlike those others who will be fighting you to protect their own interests.

The New Lenox firm of Adam Zayed was established to help those injured by the actions of others and make sure that they receive the compensation to which they are legally entitled. The client comes first for us, and we will work hard to protect you and help you and your family recover in peace and comfort. If you have suffered the unbearable loss of a family member, we will assist you in dealing with all the medical, insurance, and legal paperwork and headaches so that you can focus on your recovery. As you work on creating a ‘new normal’ we will be in your corner. We know that everyone experiences different issues after an accident or death due to negligence and we strive to treat each and every client as an individual. A one size fits all attitude is not allowed at our offices. Please be aware that we purposefully limit our client numbers so that each client gets the proper amount of time and attention necessary for full and just compensation for their injuries.

One of the areas we focus on is car and motor vehicle accidents, which are very common in the New Lenox area. In fact, Illinois has one of the highest numbers of accidents in the United States with nearly 300,000 accidents a year. In addition, we can assist you with injuries related to bicycle, boat, and airplane accidents too. We also focus on all types of medical malpractice involving doctors and all medical providers. While most medical professionals provide great service, unfortunately there are bad doctors who misdiagnose, improperly prescribe medicines, perform surgery improperly or even have substance abuse issues, which lead to negligent medical care. We also deal with the related area of negligent care or abuse in nursing homes and other care facilities.

The highly skilled lawyers at Zayed Law Offices can assist in you in any personal injury you sustain due to the negligence or lack of proper care of another person, business, product or animal. More specifically we are experienced and successful in dealing with personal injury due to physical assaults and attacks whether they are from a human or a dog or other animal. We can assist you if you are injured by an unsafe product or at an unsafe business. If you are injured in your own workplace, we can also obtain compensation for you in addition to workers compensation.

If you have any questions, please contact us at where you will find our telephone number or you can easily fill out a case evaluation form for a free assessment. We also have staff available at all times via the website for a free live chat to discuss your legal concerns. Our consultations are free of charge. Rest assured that we will help you in your time of need and get you the full monetary compensation you deserve. And realize that you will pay no lawyer’s fee until we recover compensation for you and your loved ones.