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Recent Verdicts & Settlements

59 year old machinist crushed when a semi-truck rolled off hydraulic jacks because the parking brakes were not engaged.


42 year old mother sustained a torn rotator cuff when she was sideswiped by a defendant truck driver carrying 40,000 lbs. of bricks.


Our client suffered shoulder and ankle injuries when a teenage driver fell asleep at the wheel and crossed over the yellow line into oncoming traffic.


Our client sustained aggravation to pre-existing spinal stenosis after being rear ended on the Dan Ryan Expressway.

$475,000 SETTLEMENT​

Minor client suffered a knee injury on trampoline due to rocket bouncing requiring ACL reconstruction, medical and lateral meniscus repairs

$322,030.70 JUDGEMENT

Client was injured in an extremely complex pedestrian accident


Recovery made for estate of a talented young comedian who lost control of his vehicle while intoxicated.

$225,000 Settlement

Our client suffered a shoulder injury when he tripped over rusty tomato cages in the garage of a general contractor

$200,000 Settlement

57 year old mother suffered a fractured hip when she was t-boned by an intoxicated hit-and-run driver.


Our client tripped over a tablecloth at a municipal building and had been turned down by 3 other firms when she was finally referred to our firm.


Our client had a surgical tool left inside her body during an invasive surgery.


Our client was attacked and bitten by a dog while on her postal route.


We pride ourselves on being responsive to every client’s needs. We understand the challenges faced after being in a serious accident and the importance of attorneys being there for you. At Zayed Law Offices, ensuring every client receives the attention they deserve is our top priority.

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Naperville Personal Injury Lawyers

Zayed Law Offices is a Naperville law group that serves the Chicagoland area and northern Illinois. We help accident victims recover the compensation that they deserve. We specializes in personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death cases that involve intricate laws, baffling technical constraints, and huge litigation fees. When you are thinking about pursuing a case, consider an attorney with a great track record and the experience to win your type of case. Zayed Law Offices has a vast group of experts in the medical field and the resources to construct a winning case.

Our experienced attorneys have battled some of the biggest and formidable corporations, trucking companies, cities and municipalities and insurance companies. We focus primarily on catastrophic personal injury, vehicular negligence, defective products, and medical malpractice cases. We are committed to our clients, and we are devoted to making sure you get the maximum settlement for your case that covers all your needs.

We focus on the following types of cases:

Personal injury including:
• Dog Bite Attacks
• Construction Accidents
• Slip and Fall Injuries
• Defective Products
• Wrongful Death
• Toxic Exposure
• Nursing Home Abuse

Medical Malpractice including:
• Hospital malpractice
• Medication/prescription errors
• Anesthesia errors
• Birth injuries
• Klumpke’s palsy
• Brachial plexus
• Shoulder dystocia
• Cerebral palsy/Erb’s palsy
• Failure to diagnose
• Surgical errors

Vehicle Accidents including:
• Car accidents
• Drunk driver accidents
• Uninsured or underinsured driver accidents
• Truck and commercial vehicle accidents
• Motorcycle accidents
• Fire truck, police car or ambulance accidents
• Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus accidents
• Bicycle accidents
• Pedestrian accidents, bike accidents or pedestrian hit-and-run accidents

Truck Accidents including:
• Truck jackknifing
• Overloaded/improperly loaded trucks
• Driver errors
• Speeding
• Driver fatigue
• Aggressive driving behavior
• Unlicensed driver
• Improperly loaded cargo
• Lack of reflectors and poor visibility
• Faulty tires or brakes
• Dangerous or defective highways
• Unsafe road conditions

Physical injuries including:
• Head injuries, traumatic brain injuries
• Spinal cord and back injuries, paralysis
• Lacerations, scars and serious burn injuries
• Whiplash, neck and shoulder injuries
• Fractures, broken bones
• Loss of eyesight, blindness

Types of Personal Injury Case Compensations

The Zayed Law Offices can help you learn about the different types of damages that you may get for your case. There are several types of damages that you can receive financial compensation for in a personal injury case.

If you have experienced an injury, damage to property or another type of loss, you can file as a plaintiff in a personal injury case. The compensation you receive will be from that caused the accident or injury to you or your property. The legal term for this type of compensation is called “damages.”

There are two different types of categories for damages that are awarded in a personal injury case: compensatory and punitive.

There are several different kinds of compensatory damages but they are basically broken down into two different types: general or special damages. Compensatory damages pursue reimbursement or compensation for the injured individual for the damage that they have experienced. Compensatory damages are possible to receive in almost all types of injury cases including: car accident, medical malpractice, and whiplash cases.

Compensatory damages can also be given in wrongful death cases, but the damages awarded in these types of cases are often exclusive to the case and not usually found somewhere else.

The other type of damages called punitive damages can be given in a small amount of cases. Punitive damages are not bound to the type of damage that was suffered but are granted to penalize the offender for appalling conduct. Both types of damages are given directly to the injured individual.

Here is a list of the other types of compensation available:

Special Compensatory Damages

Special damages compensate for financial expenses acquired because of an injury. These are exclusive to the individual in the case and differ considerably from one individual to another. An award of this type of compensation should cover the expenses acquired or the income that was lost because of the accident that produced their injuries.
Special damages can also cover financial expenses or financial loss associated to an injury. There is also no limit to the types of special damage claims that can be created, or to the amount that an injured individual can claim. These are some of the more common types of special damages:
• loss of wages
• loss of future income
• medical bills
• cost of future medical care
• household costs
• expenses related with terminated trips or changed plans

General Compensatory Damages

General damages reimburse an injured party for non-financial damages acquired in an injury claim. These types of compensation are called general damages because they concentrate on an injury that is normally or “generally” withstood in an accident. All personal injury victims are anticipated to have some general damages to claim. The most frequently seen types of general damages are:
• pain and suffering
• mental anguish
• loss of companionship

Wrongful Death Damages

A wrongful death claim gives compensation to surviving family and loved ones. The most frequently seen wrongful death damages include:
• funeral and burial costs
• expense of pre-death medical care
• emotional anguish of surviving family and loved ones
• loss of financial income
• loss of services and support
• loss of companionship

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are only received by an injured individual when it is proven that the unlawful conduct of the defendant was contemptible and inexcusable. A common situation where punitive damages are given would be when a defendant is found guilty of hateful acts or of fraud. The hateful acts might involve aggravated battery, sexual assault, or fraudulent behavior that triggers extensive monetary harm. Sometimes, in high-profile injury situations like those that involve a substandard product or risks to someone’s health involving prescription drugs, juries will give punitive damages against manufacturers and wealthy corporations.

Zayed Law Offices is a Naperville law group that is ready to serve you. With offices in Joliet and Chicago, we represent clients in Cook County, Will County, DuPage County and throughout Illinois. Regardless of your locations, we can handle your case. Distance is never an issue. Contact us today to get started on your case.

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