At Zayed Law Offices, we are passionate about representing the rights of people injured by another person’s negligence or carelessness. Many of our clients are seeking compensation from large corporations or defendants represented by insurance companies, both of which require aggressive and specialized representation. The Zayed Law Firm is very proud of its track record in recovering compensation for its clients, which includes some of the highest awards and settlements in Illinois history. Our practice focuses on the various facets of personal injury law. Here is a brief look at some of the specific areas in which we represent our clients.

Medical Malpractice

When you go to the doctor, whether undergoing a routine physical examination or major surgery, there is an expectation both on your part and that of the law that you will receive a particular standard of care. When that standard of care is not met through misdiagnosis of an illness, delay in diagnosing an illness, surgical equipment left inside a patient or even death caused by therapeutic misadventure, it can devastate the lives of the patient and the patient’s loved ones.

Defective Products

When you purchase a product, from a coffee maker to a car, you expect the product to function as advertised and be safe for you and your family to use. When this expectation is not met, severe injury or death can occur. Product manufacturers typically retain attorneys to limit their liability and try to save the company as much money as possible by encouraging consumers to accept settlements that are far less than what is fair for the damages and pain and suffering they incur. Aggressive representation on the plaintiff’s part can make the difference between an insulting offer and fair and just compensation.

Animal and Dog Bites

Illinois law embraces a strict liability doctrine for animals that attack humans. This means the owner of the animal is responsible for all injuries an animal under their ownership or control causes to a human. Animal attacks and bites can cause severe injuries including dangerous bleeding, broken bones, disfigurement and in some cases brain damage or death. Statistics show the US averages 31 fatal dog attacks each year. Most of the victims are children. Owners of animals who bite are liable for medical expenses, lost time from work, disability payments on the victim’s behalf and even funeral expenses where appropriate.

Construction Accidents

By their very nature construction sites are hazardous places. However, a conscientious contractor will take steps to mitigate or prevent injury to the general public and the workers on the site. When a contractor cuts corners on reasonable and necessary safety precautions the results can be far more severe than most forms of injury including long-term disability, loss of limbs or life. This may leave the contractor liable for damages far beyond the scope of normal workers’ compensation claims.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Each year Illinois is one of the national leaders in car accidents, with an estimated 282,000 crashes reported annually. Most of these accidents are preventable, resulting from negligence caused by distracted, drowsy or careless drivers. Because of the relative rates of speed at which motor vehicles travel and the mass of even a small car, impact at speeds as little as 5mph have been shown to leave victims with lasting injuries such as whiplash and other soft-tissue injuries.

Wrongful Death and Catastrophic Injury

When an injury is so severe it requires multiple surgical procedures or a radical change in the victim’s lifestyle, this is known as catastrophic injury. The impact of this type of injury goes beyond missing work, touching every facet of the injured person’s life including their standard of living, relationships with spouses and children and even their ability to work at the career they’ve trained for. When death results from another person’s negligence, the consequences may linger for years or decades in the lives of the deceased person’s loved ones.

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