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Recent Verdicts & Settlements

59 year old machinist crushed when a semi-truck rolled off hydraulic jacks because the parking brakes were not engaged.


42 year old mother sustained a torn rotator cuff when she was sideswiped by a defendant truck driver carrying 40,000 lbs. of bricks.


Our client suffered shoulder and ankle injuries when a teenage driver fell asleep at the wheel and crossed over the yellow line into oncoming traffic.


Our client sustained aggravation to pre-existing spinal stenosis after being rear ended on the Dan Ryan Expressway.

$475,000 SETTLEMENT​

Minor client suffered a knee injury on trampoline due to rocket bouncing requiring ACL reconstruction, medical and lateral meniscus repairs

$322,030.70 JUDGEMENT

Client was injured in an extremely complex pedestrian accident


Recovery made for estate of a talented young comedian who lost control of his vehicle while intoxicated.

$225,000 Settlement

Our client suffered a shoulder injury when he tripped over rusty tomato cages in the garage of a general contractor

$200,000 Settlement

57 year old mother suffered a fractured hip when she was t-boned by an intoxicated hit-and-run driver.


Our client tripped over a tablecloth at a municipal building and had been turned down by 3 other firms when she was finally referred to our firm.


Our client had a surgical tool left inside her body during an invasive surgery.


Our client was attacked and bitten by a dog while on her postal route.


We pride ourselves on being responsive to every client’s needs. We understand the challenges faced after being in a serious accident and the importance of attorneys being there for you. At Zayed Law Offices, ensuring every client receives the attention they deserve is our top priority.

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Joliet Personal Injury Lawyers

A serious injury can throw your life into turmoil, taking you from the life you know to the future you don’t. It can impact your career, your family, your social life, and your finances, leaving you with incapacitating injuries, insurmountable bills, and a sense that everything you knew and worked so hard to attain has just disappeared.

We know how difficult this period can be and we’re here to help you through it, to make sure you get the compensation you deserve and to help you get back on your feet again.

How Our Joliet Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

We have legal professionals working in all major Illinois cities, including a team of personal injuries lawyers in Joliet. They can guide you through this difficult and often stressful process and ensure you have a friendly face and a helping hand when you need it.

When you hire one of our Joliet personal injury lawyers, you’re safeguarding your rights as a victim. It’s a guarantee that you will get whatever is owed to you and that your case, and your needs, won’t slip through the net.

Insurance companies are profit-driven businesses incentivized to deny your claims and to pay you less than what you’re owed. They will try to drive down the settlement, making you believe you have no choice but to agree to a smaller amount. Our legal experts will ensure you have someone in your corner, someone fighting for your rights and someone who won’t rest until justice has been done.

Their goal is to ensure you get the largest sum possible, a figure that is based on medical expenses, loss of earnings (current and future), property/asset losses, and more. They will do the research, complete the paperwork, and file the necessary legal documents. They will also consult with medical experts to better understand your current and future condition and to ensure you don’t return to work until you are fit and ready.

Our Promise

Personal injury can lead to great financial stress. There are medical expenses to cover, you might be forced to miss out on work—we don’t want to exacerbate that issue. Our Joliet injury lawyers will never charge an upfront fee, which means you won’t be forced to find funds that simply aren’t there.

Our fee is taken upon completion of the case, when you have the money you need to continue with your life. That way, you can focus on your recovery, which is what matters, and not stress over the financial details and the implications of an immediate expense.

We treat every case with the respect that it deserves and every client with the care they require, alleviating the stress and responsibility, removing the financial burden, and helping you to get back on your feet.

Our Services

Injuries can occur at any time and are common in the workplace, on the road, and even in hospital and other places of care. Some of the most common injuries that our Illinois firm deals with include:

Medical Malpractice

  • Errors Involving Anesthesia
  • Injuries During Birth
  • Surgical Errors
  • Missed/Incorrect Diagnosis
  • Prescription/Medication Error

Modern medicine is responsible for some amazing things, curing fatal diseases, transplanting organs, and greatly improving the life expectancy of the average citizen. But hospitals also make mistakes, and these mistakes can alter and even end an individual’s life.

Doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other medical caregivers are expected to adhere to a strict code of care and when they don’t, they need to be held responsible. This is where medical malpractice lawsuits come in. If you have been the victim of medical malpractice in Joliet, from incorrect diagnoses to prescription and surgical errors, get in touch today.

Accidents on the Road

  • Car and Motorcycle Accidents
  • Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accidents
  • Bike Accidents
  • Drunk or Uninsured/Underinsured Driver Accidents
  • Emergency Vehicle Accidents
  • Hit-and-Runs/Pedestrian Accidents
  • Bus Accidents

There are over 140,000 miles of road in the state of Illinois and these bear witness to hundreds of accidents every single day, a significant number of which occur on the streets of Joliet. If you have been involved in an accident involving a negligent, drunk or uninsured driver, our experts can fight your corner and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents are some of the most common and can lead to some sizeable personal injury claims. If you injure yourself in the workplace then your employer may be at fault, in which case their insurance company will shoulder the financial responsibility. Illinois state law may protect your employer from certain injuries if they carry workers’ compensation, but there are a multitude of exceptions. This is something that you can discuss with our Joliet injury lawyers during your initial consultation.

Other Personal Injuries

  • Slip and Fall
  • Dog Bites and Other Animal Attacks
  • Wrongful Death
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Toxic Exposure/Asbestos

The personal injury specialists at Zayed Law Officers work with a multitude of personal injuries, from whiplash and neck injuries to fractures, scars, burns and traumatic brain injuries. If you have experienced any one of these injuries or any other kind of harm, and it was the result of someone else’s negligence or misconduct, get in touch.

Get Help Today

Contact our Joliet personal injury experts today to discover if you have a case or not. It doesn’t matter what you have been told by an employer, a healthcare professional, or another potentially negligent individual, if you have suffered an injury that was not your fault, you may be entitled to a claim and we can help you with that.

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The legal team at Zayed Law Offices is committed to achieving extraordinary results for ordinary people. We consistently secure favorable settlements and verdicts for people who have suffered physically, emotionally and financially because of the negligence of others. If you are a victim, call our Chicago personal injury lawyers at (815) 782-0784 or use our free case evaluation form. You will not pay for our legal services unless we obtain compensation for you and your family.

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