Smartphones: Your Best Tool After an Accident

Your Smartphone is the best tool you have after an accident. Everyone knows that you can use it to call for help, but did you know you can collect evidence with it too? You can use your Smartphone to take pictures, videos, audio recordings or even written notes. If you have any questions about collecting evidence after an accident call 855.726.1616. Our experienced accident attorneys are here to help you.

Remembering is the Hardest Part

Collecting evidence may sound hard, but the hardest part about it remembering to do it. Pulling your phone out and snapping a few pics seems easy to remember, but the stress of an accident will make you forgetful. In spite of the stress it is important to remember to collect some evidence. Any evidence you collect will help your attorney better understand your accident.

After a Car Accident

After a car accident you should take pictures of the following things:

  1. Any damage to your car caused by the accident. Don’t forget interior damage or airbag deployment.
  2. The other cars that were involved.
  3. The accident scene.
  4. Tire or skid marks.
  5. Any damage the cars may have caused before they came to a stop. This means taking pictures of any buildings, signs, or trees that the cars hit.
  6. Your injuries.

These pictures will help your attorney better understand your accident.

Your Smartphone can also be used to collect witness information. There are several ways to collect witness information. One is to write down the witness’ name, address, phone number, email, and a short statement using your phones notepad feature. If you phone doesn’t have a note pad you could also write these things in an email to yourself. You could also make a voice recording of this information with your Smartphone. Making a voice recording simplifies the process, but it is important that the recording is intelligible. If you can’t understand what the witness is saying the evidence is worthless. Taking these steps will make it easier for your attorney to contact witnesses in the future.

After a Slip and Fall

Slip and fall evidence can disappear in the blink of an eye.  A puddle of milk, a spilled drink, or errant piece of produce can be cleaned up in seconds. This means that your evidence could be gone in seconds. Failing to document what injured you means you lose that evidence. Take a picture of whatever caused your fall so that it is preserved for later.

Documenting the area where you fell is also important. This includes: where you fell, if there were warnings of the hazard, and the placement of these warnings. A warning could be something like a wet floor sign. These photos can greatly help your case. Photos of hazard warnings can help your attorney prove that even though there were hazard warnings these warnings were inadequate.

Like after an auto accident it is important to collect information from anyone who witnessed your fall. You should get their name, address, phone number, email and a short statement using your phone. You can either write it down or make a recording of it.

Don’t Post on Social Media

It may be tempting to post these pictures to social media, but don’t do it. In fact do not post anything about your accident online. Social media is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, but it is also a great resource for defense attorneys. Posting evidence on social media allows defense attorneys access to it without going through the formal discovery process. Defense attorneys might misinterpret your posts, which could weaken your case. Remember you’re not doing it for the Gram, you’re doing it for your case.

Protecting Your Evidence

If your evidence is stored only on your phone and your phone breaks that evidence is gone. This is why you need to back up your evidence. Backing up your evidence is as easy as sending an email. You should email the pictures and witness information to yourself. That way if you drop your phone in a puddle your evidence is safe in your email.

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