Your daily commute is probably the most dangerous thing you’ll do today. It’s easy to forget how dangerous propelling several thousand pounds of metal, and glass at high speeds can be. Researches refer to this complacency as the illusory zone of immunity. We enter the illusory zone of immunity when we perform a task day in and day out. This sense of routine can make dangerous things, like driving, seem mundane and the risk minimal. This must be why you see so many other drivers playing with their phones while driving. These folks have simply forgotten how important it is to stay vigilant, because anything can happen out on the road.

A recent accident in Lisle exemplifies the importance of staying vigilant when driving. On May 15th a 74 year old man driving a Nissan Rogue crossed the center line of Ogden Avenue in Lisle and collided head on with an Acura. The force of this collision was tremendous and completely destroyed the fronts of both cars. Collisions of this magnitude wreak havoc on the fragile human body. Seat belts and airbags can only do so much to mitigate the force of an auto collision. The injuries you sustain in an auto accident can change or even end your life. Sadly, this is what happened in Lisle. The driver of the Nissan Rouge lost his life and two occupants of the Acura were rushed to the Hospital with serious injuries.

Photo Courtesy of the Lisle Police Department

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